Through the soul to the color

On this page a cross section of my recent work can be seen.

Her themes surround the lively aspects of the existence: from the direct experience of the lake scenery to mythological themes it is always the human beings Ingrid Rohrer is dealing with.

Brigitte Elsner-Heller, Südkurier

About the exhibition "Feelings" in the town hall of Konstanz

Ingrid Rohrer has probably created surprised amazement quite often in the past few months. Reactions to a logic step for her in a new artistic form of expression.
Suddenly a new step, a change from the representational towards the abstract.

However this exhibition does not act as an experiment or the first steps to a new creative phase. By overcoming this, Ingrid Rohrer shows us with "Feelings" playful thoughts, inner pictures and feelings in colorful and powerful compositions. Reality is given up, signs for a visible reality does not exist anymore.

The color dissolves in seemingly exploding joy and intensity. The strong and contrasting colors unite and confuse partially in almost playful graceful lines. Temperament and emotionality of the artist is shown here, diving poetically in color.
We see unconscious dreams and memories, in which gravity, space and time are stored.

Through vital color design Ingrid Rohrer can be recognized again. The deep blue, the flashing yellow, the rising effects in red. Colors, which bring us back to the joy of life.

And then again a crucial line, deliberately placed, which seem to tame the reluctant structures. The meaningful context of color tone and form has disappeared, but nevertheless does the observer of these pictures sense an idea of feminism.

In some works Ingrid Rohrer even gets rid of consciously striving towards abstract harmony but leaves it instead to chance, the inner life of the used material and the rhythm of running color and drops and independent acting lines.

Besides the lively and nuanced pictures there are more quite pictures, you could call them "window pictures", which are made by putting on several layers of color, so that you get the impression of a window, through which the observer is looking without being able to recognize what he sees. You could think that these pictures were created first after the step from the concrete to the abstract, that they are still in the process of letting go of sense and reality.

Now we see a so far unknown Ingrid Rohrer in a continuing artistic development, after a radical change. This radical change has succeeded in a very particular and remarkable way. We have again the possibility to find ourselves in her pictures, to discover our reflection and to look for something completely new.

Culture office Konstanz, Angelika Baumann
Mayor Horst Maas

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